Co-construction of Molecular Engineering Research Institute in Southern Jiangsu by JITRI, Peking University and Changshu Municipality

To promote innovation-driven development strategy, accelerate the innovative platform construction for industry technology research institutes, the signing and opening ceremony of Molecular Engineering Research Institute in southern Jiangsu was successfully held in Changsu on May 18, which is jointly established by JITRI, Peking University and Changshu Municipality on the basis of strategy cooperative agreement between Jiangsu Province and Peking University. It is a specialized institute newly built by world-leading technical term under the support of project manager system. On the day of signing, cooperative agreements were signed with institutes covering 19 industrial project including process optimization of taurine synthesis, Nano materials, etc.

Molecular Engineering Research Institute in Southern Jiangsu is the first specialized institute of Peking University nationwide during 13th Five Year. Oriented with industrial requirements of national strategy and based on technology and talent advantages in Peking University, Molecular Engineering Research Institute will carry out application research of critical technology and integrated innovation focusing on advanced material, new energy, biomedicine and advanced manufacture to support economic development and talent agglomeration in Jiangsu.

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