Signing Ceremony for The Second Stage Between Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute and Monash University

To enhance the cooperation and accelerate the technology transformation from Monash University to Jiangsu province, JITRI signed a second Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Monash University on 23rd, June 2017. The vice-president Dr. Yidong Hu and Vice-Chancellor and President Prof. Margaret Gardner signed for JITRI and CSIRO, respectively. Both sides highly appreciated the current cooperation of the technology transformation in the areas of Nano Technology, Chemical Engineering and advanced materials. They both believe the next stage will involve the information technology and pharmacology.

Dr Yuejian JIANG, Deputy General Director of Department of Science and Technology Provincial Government, highly appreciated the cooperation and suggested enhance the introduction of advanced technology from Monash University and improve the industry in Jiangsu province. 
In the second part of this ceremony, JITRI and Monash University signed a MOU for Ph.D training cooperation. Both parties agree to train Ph.D students for joint projects and enrolled as Monash students. The students will start the first year study in Monash Clayton and mainly supervised by Monash academic. The co-supervisor from JITRI will be involved in the whole study period as well.

Finally, the cooperation project “Assistant Robert for puncture surgery based on medical imaging” was signed by JITRI, Monash University and Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology. As one of cooperation projects, this ceremony presents the activity of the technology transfer and research collaboration between JITRI and Monash University.

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