Continuing the Provincial Industrial Institute’s“Trip for the Docking Conference of the Cooperation among the Significant Councils and Institutes”------- The WAITRO Cooperative Forum

 “I hope that the Provincial Industrial Institute should strongly attract the member units of world industrial technology institutes as well as their advanced technological achievements to Jiangsu, study and take example from the management philosophy and experience of the advanced global research and development institutes, continuously improve our own development level and accelerate the construction of a world-class industrial technological research and development institutes with influence among the world; meanwhile, it should also take an active part in fitting in the global innovative network, and boost the industrial and technological innovation at a high starting level.” On the morning of July 6th, Head of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology WANG Qin introduced the current research and innovation of Jiangsu Province to 7 member units from 6 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania at the Provincial Industrial Institute’s Butt-joint Conference of the Cooperation among the Significant Councils and Institutes--The WAITRO Cooperative Forum, in the hope of establishing more cooperative relationships between the provincial industrial institute and the WAITRO.

At the conference, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Industrial Institute Hu Yidong and the Chairman of the WAITRO SaovaprukYongvuth together held the opening ceremony for the Provincial Industrial Institute to join the WAITRO.

Meanwhile, Secretary Hu Yidong and Chairman SaovaprukYongvuth signed the strategic Cooperative Agreement on behalf of the two parts. The Provincial Industrial Institute and the WAITRO will jointly launch project study and construct cooperative platform, so as to stimulate the improvement in science and technology innovation abilities.

Secretary Hu Yidong stressed that the provincial industrial institute has been continuously and actively enhancing the mutual communication with global top research institutes, aiming to broaden the cooperative channels oversea and docking advanced resources abroad. The targets of the WAITRO and the Provincial Industrial Institute are the same: focusing on the research and development of industrial technology and stimulating the transfer and transformation of the achievements. After becoming a member of WAITRO, the Provincial Industrial Institute hope to attract top-level technology and talents worldwide so as to provide support for the development of industry in Jiangsu.

At the conference, chairman and the general secretary of the WAITRO and 7 other member units including the Thailand National Food Research Institute, RMIT University, Indonesia Academy, Malaysia Industrial Standard Research Institute, South Africa Science and Industry Research Committee, Thailand Science and Technology Research Institute and Denmark Technology Research Institute have respectively delivered keynote speeches.

The conference was presided by He Liwen, Vice-president of the Provincial Industrial Institute and there were over 150 representatives from the Professional Institute, Industrial Technology Innovation Center, universities and colleges and new and high-tech enterprises attending the forum.

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