Create an efficient and accurate drug delivery system - JITRI’s Institute of New Pharmaceutical Preparation Technology settles in Nanjing BPV!

The drug release system created by new pharmaceutical preparation technology with the use of modern advanced preparation technology can make the drug release more stable, effectively reduce the number of medications, and make it easier for patients to take drugs. The research of new pharmaceutical preparation technology in China is still relatively backward, especially the combination of theory and practice and the industrialization research, which are featured by deficiency, and thus seriously affect the transformation of drug achievements. Jiangsu is a major province of biomedicine, but the number of new pharmaceutical preparations is small. In response to the current state of industrial development and the urgent needs for new pharmaceutical preparations in China and Jiangsu, JITRI engaged Dr. Quan Danyi, a transdermal delivery expert from the US, to serve as the project manager in April 2017, for the purpose of establishing the Institute of New Pharmaceutical Preparation Technology based on the preparation demands of biopharmaceutical companies.

On April 3, 2018, JITRI’s Institute of New Pharmaceutical Preparation Technology signed a contract to settle in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley located in Jiangbei New Area of Nanjing. This is the 39th professional institute of JITRI, and also the 16th professional institute jointly built according to the new mechanism of “company held and operated by team”.

Luo Qun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Full-time Deputy Secretary of the CPC Working Committee of Jiangbei New Area Nanjing, Liu Qing, Director of JITRI, Li Jianmin, Senior Consultant of JITRI, Chen Qi, former President of Nanjing Medical University, Yin Xiaojin, former Senior Vice President of Simcere Pharmaceutical, and Yuan Angen, Chairman of the Board of Jiangsu Tianhui Hongyou Investment Management Co., Ltd., etc., attended the signing ceremony. Hu Yidong, JITRI’s CPC Secretary, Dr. Quan Danyi, JITRI’s Project Manager, and Chen Chanmei, Deputy Director of the Administration Committee of Jiangbei New Area Nanjing, signed the cooperation agreements on behalf of the parties.

The Institute of New Pharmaceutical Preparation Technology gathers Rorbert langer, who is a world-renowned expert in new targeted preparations and the member of the American Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine, Professor Tsuneji Nagai, who is a world-famous pioneer in new pharmaceutical preparations, professor of Hoshi University Japan University and former Vice President of the International Pharmaceutical Federation, as well as a number of scientists and R&D teams with world-class expertise, and based on the current state of the lack of new pharmaceutical preparation technologies in the national biopharmaceutical industry, the Institute will establish more than 8 new pharmaceutical preparation technology centers in the fields of transdermal drug delivery preparations, subocular and subcutaneous implantation preparations, inhalation and biomucosa preparations, 3D printing preparations, etc., introduce, derive and incubate 20 project companies, and strive to build a national-level innovation platform for high-end formulation technology, put efforts in breaking through key technologies and solving the technical difficulties in efficacy of drugs, and promote the creation of a world-class preparations research & development and industrialization system in Nanjing and even Jiangsu.

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