Highlighted demonstration effects of institutional mechanism reform - JITRI builds a new research and development institution in cooperation with a central enterprise

On March 25, 2018, the JITRI’s Institute of Advanced Energy Materials and Applied Technology settled in Changzhou. This is the 38th professional institute of JITRI, and also the 15th professional institute jointly built according to the new mechanism of “company held and operated by team”. This is the first time that JITRI has helped to promote the institutional mechanism reform of R&D institution of a central enterprise after continuing to promote the existing institutional mechanism reforms of the professional research institutes, state-owned enterprise research institutes and private enterprise research institutes. The demonstration effects of JITRI are increasingly highlighting in the in-depth implementation of the works in “matching R&D personnel’s labor with their benefits and income” as required by General Secretary Xi and the full mobilization of researchers’ enthusiasm, etc.

JITRI has engaged the team of Zhou Shaoxiong, who is the former Technical Director and Chief Engineer of Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd., to serve as a project manager for the purpose of establishing the Institute of Advanced Energy Materials and Applied Technology. As JITRI’s first professional research institute built in cooperation with a central enterprise, Institute of Advanced Energy Materials and Applied Technology has introduced the entire research and development team in the field of advanced energy materials of Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd., a listed company of China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group, and established the professional research organization under the model of light asset operation company held by the team. The Institute of Advanced Energy Materials and Applied Technology has organized the Strategic Advisory Committee composed of 12 academicians and experts (in the field of metallurgy and materials science and engineering, Academician Gan Yong, who is the former Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Director of the National Expert Consultation Committee of New Material Industry Development, serve as the Director, and the Committee members include Academician Li Zhongping, Academician Xie Jianxin, Academician Li Wei, Academician Chen Jianfeng, Academician Nie Xiren from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Pan Feng from Tsinghua University, Xu Luping, the former Director of Materials Division of High-tech Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology and researches Bao Ningzhong, Zhang Guoqing, Zhang Jinsong and Zhang Yongming).

The Institute of Advanced Energy Materials and Applied Technology will focus on the needs of Jiangsu’s industrial technology innovation and transformation & upgrading of traditional industries, actively respond to the major national needs, major special projects and demonstration projects as well as other resources, insist on laying equal stress on “internal development” and “external introduction”, carry out industrial technology research & development and industrialization in the fields of energy-efficient energy-saving amorphous motors and applications for new-energy vehicles, proton exchange membrane fuel cells with solid-state hydrogen storage serving as hydrogen source, cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries, electrode materials for supercapacitors and their applications, etc., and promote the development of Changzhou High-tech Zone to become an important first-class cluster of advanced energy materials as well as high-end talents and high-tech enterprises in technology fields throughout China and even all over the world.

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