The 3rd US China Innovation and Investment Summit (UCIS) and 2nd InnoSTARS Competition (Houston) Ended Successfully

 On May 15 (local time), the China Innovation and Investment Summit (UCIS) and 2nd InnoSTARS Competition (Houston) ended successfully in Houston. At the Summit, JITRI President Liu Qing announced that JITRI would cooperate with Houston to jointly build the China-US Biomedical Technology Innovation Center and build a platform for cooperation and exchange between China and the United States. The local officials in Houston, the Chinese Consulate General in Houston and various participants highly praised the important role played by JITRI in the Summit and stated that JITRI has effectively promoted the accumulation of advantageous resources in the southern United States and contributed to Jiangsu’s industrial transformation and development.

The China-US Biomedical Innovation Center to be established by JITRI in Houston will serve as an efficient platform for promoting cooperation between Chinese and American enterprises, and will help Chinese enterprises and institutions to cooperate with U.S. enterprises and institutions on the basis of mutual benefit. One the one hand, it will help U.S. scientists set up companies. Many scientists in the United States have innovative technology and scientific research results, but they are not well connected with the industry and the financial sector, so the Innovation Center can move China’s industrial resources and investment forward to the doorstep of the United States, and then help them start companies and enter China after they develop to a certain stage. On the other hand, the Center will allow U.S. innovation enterprises to settle in Jiangsu in a better manner. Many innovative companies in the United States want to enter the Chinese market, but they are faced with many difficulties, so the Center will launch the training camps for US enterprises to settle in China, so that the enterprises can understand China’s policies and their development opportunities in China in the future.

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