JITRI reaches collaborative agreement withTWI

JITRI reaches collaborative agreement withTWI. The agreement sees the creation of an advanced materials and manufacturing technologies research centre at TWI which will develop materials and joining technologies for JITRI.

As one of the largest  technology research centres in China, JITRI focuses on bridging the gap between fundamental technology research and the commercialisation of these technologies via market-orientated product development. TWI is one of the world’s foremost independent research and technology organisations, with expertise in materials joining and engineering processes as applied in industry. This arrangement will allow TWI and JITRI to carry out research, develop industrial technologies for JITRI, and also see JITRI staff receive management training at TWI.

18 representatives from JITRI visited TWI's headquarters near Cambridge to unveil the centre, where they were met by senior members of TWI staff, including Chief Executive Christoph Wiesner, Associate Directors Steve Shi and Arnaud Tronche, Commercial Manager Andrew Carey, Group Managers Jon Blackburn and Andrew Woloszyn and other TWI engineers. 

(Quoted from TWI website)

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