Opening a New Chapter of Jiangsu-Singapore Cooperation - Forum of “Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation • Innovation for the Future” Successfully Held in Singapore

In order to deeply explore Singapore’s innovation resources and promote innovative cooperation between Jiangsu and Singapore in the new era, JITRI took the opportunity of the 12th Meeting of the Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council to jointly organize the Forum of “Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation • Innovation for the Future” with the Singapore Social Innovation Park (SIP). Guests including Chen Peiling, Member of the Parliament of Singapore and President of Business China, Wang Qin, Director of the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, Sun Jin, Deputy Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, and representatives of the Chinese Embassies in Finland, Jordan and Jordan attended the event; About 70 persons from Singapore Science and Technology Research Bureau, Singapore National University, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore University of Science and Technology, ICORA Asia Investment Bank, Singapore Exchange Ltd. and other Singapore universities, scientific research, financial, and securities institutions as well as the Dutch Sioux Group, Jiangsu High-Tech Investment Group, Jiangsu Private Investment Group, Nanjing Zhongke Yuchen Laser Technology Co., Ltd., JITRI and other related professional research institutes participated in this forum.

Director Wang Qin of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department delivered a speech on behalf of Jiangsu and made an address entitled “Win-win Cooperation, Open Innovation”. Director Wang Qin introduced the overall situation of Jiangsu’s scientific and technological innovation and the successful cases in international cooperation. He said that Jiangsu will actively join the global innovation network, establish and improve industrial innovation clusters, and enhance the competitiveness of Jiangsu manufacturing in the global market. He stated that JITRI is an important window for Jiangsu to connect with Singapore’s innovative resources, so Jiangsu Science and Technology Department will actively support it in establishing R&D and innovation facilities with universities and research institutions in Singapore, forming long-term and stable cooperative relationships and carrying out innovative cooperation in various forms.

Director Liu Qing of JITRI made a keynote speech themed by “Building a Bridge between Global Innovation Resources and Jiangsu”. He introduced the innovation and development of JITRI centering on creating three major systems, i.e. the industrial technology innovation system, the industrial technology supply system and the research and development industry ecosystem. He said that JITRI has built a bridge linking innovation resources, innovation carriers and technology demand sides. By establishing a strategic partnership with the world’s top universities and R&D institutions such as the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University and gathering global innovation resources, it has promoted a number of key core industry technologies to settle in Jiangsu, and formed a core technology supply urgently required for Jiangsu’s industrial development, so as to cooperate with global innovative talents, local parks and research institutes to jointly create an innovative ecosystem, build an industrial technology supply system, enhance the industrial value chain and product added value, and promote the high-quality development of the economy of both Singapore and Jiangsu.

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