JITRI Attended WAITRO Training Program in MALAYSIA


To encourage and promote sustainable development among all WAITRO members, SIRIM and WAITRO jointly organized a “Capacity Building Program” from April 29th to May 4th, 2019 in Shah Alam, Malaysia. JITRI, as the home of the China Secretariat of WAITRO, attended this event and successfully enhanced cooperation among the 79 WAITRO members who attended.


During the opening ceremony the Vice President of JITRI and head of the WAITRO China office, Dr. Paul Burrows, was invited to give the opening speech, and introduced the overall situation of WAITRO RTOs and current challenges. He talked about the relationship between JITRI and SIRIM , and appreciated the SIRIM board and members for their long support of WAITRO and for holding such a program in front of more than 100 participators from more 20 country and SIRIM’s board members directors, guests from Malaysian ministry of trade and Malaysian companies.


After the opening ceremony, the guests were invited to register for the various training programs and Workshops (women empowerment program in personal care of products development, senior management program in managing RTOs, capacity building program solar technology for industrial application, capacity building program on IOT technology application for smart farming and, capacity building program workshop for commercialization of research and innovations). The JITRI team registered in 2 programs, Dr. Paul Burrows, Elhamy and Wen Tao in the Senior Management Program, and Ms. Sun Ying in Commercialization of Research and Innovations.


During the ceremony, the WAITRO Secretariat, combining Fraunhofer and JITRI, announced the WAITRO fellowship program aiming to encourage individuals from member organizations to work or conduct research in another country for a maximum of one year to share the ideas and foster collaboration between different members.


In the senior management program, Dr. Burrows gave a lecture entitled “Leadership Mindset Research Technology Organizations”. He reviewed JITRI as a successful and inspired case in the RTO field, described how JITRI become an entity in transferring technology, and how to develop local industries in 5 years. And he shared his practical experiences in USA, China and Japan.


During the Round Table Discussion titled “Managing RTOs in a Global Business Environment”, Dr. Burrows said that we have to understand that we don’t successfully sell technology, but rather we sell solutions.


At the closing ceremony, certificates are issued to participants acquiring new skills and ideas which can serve the industry community to promote the sustainable development.


As Wen Tao, Sun Ying and Elhamy said “we learnt some wise methods to drive RTOs to the market, the solutions of funding, how to overcome the fear, and how to collaborate in the global innovation market.”

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