Industry development

Follow the principle of "feasibility, reality and operability", provide reference for the provincial industry layout, the project manager selection, the significant project organization of JITRI through the clear and specific strategic planning, and provide the basis for research and development direction of the specialized institutes.

Team Building

In order to strengthen collaborations with strategic research organizations in Jiangsu, we organize the team focus on the strategic planning of industrial technology. We take activities on industrial development and technology transfer through industrial technology R & D association to provide advices and demands on industrial development and R & D.

Communication Actively

With the Chinese Academy of Engineering " South Jiangsu Manufacturing 2025" strategic planning as an opportunity , to surround 15 key areas such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet of things and etc. Compile industry development roadmap, provide support for the manufacturing industry strategy in Jiangsu province into the national strategy; Carry out the strategy research on the important areas such as new materials, new energy and others. Provide consulting services for the provincial industrial technology innovation.

Project Manager

JITRI maintains its global perspectives and recruits the world-class talents to take on project manager positions whom in charge of studying strategic research on relevant fields, providing proposals on major projects, organizing R&D team and formulating the plan of research institutes establishment. Now, we have the mangers on advanced LCD technology, information and integrated manufacturing technology, biomedical engineering and clinical test, intelligent sensor and bionics technology, photoelectric technology, process engineering, etc.

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