Technology Research and Development

Longitudinal Research

The specialized institute should have the domestic leading innovation level, which is mainly reflecting on the ability to do the longitudinal research. The number of the specialized institute taking the lead to undertake the national and provincial science and technology plan projects, above the provincial level science and technology awards and the independent intellectual property rights such as the invention patent is significantly higher than the number of provincial scientific research institutions in the same field and at the top level in China or even around the world.

JITRI will carry on the statistics for the specialized institute undertaking longitudinal research projects, and it will be the basis of research performance appraisal after verification. JITRI can serve as the department in charge of the projects which organizes the specialized institutes to declare provincial science and technology plan projects.

Contractual Scientific Research

Institutes should possess outstanding service performance on the ability of undertaking contractual scientific research. Facing to companies and market needs, institutes provides series services on technology development and technology transfer within and outside of Jiangsu and takes advantage of self owned technology to create derivative companies and incubate enterprises.

JITRI to conduct the performance based on the projects of contractual scientific research which developed by institutes. The technical contract signed by institute and company can be registered at the JITRI Technology Exchange platform whom can benefit the tax preferential policy as well.

Secondary Development

Secondary development project is the focus of the work of JITRI. The secondary development project is undertaken by each specialized institute, the specialized institute’s research activities will be market-oriented, and the research requirements come from the real-life applications and will be adopted by the enterprises and other organizations for practical applications. The secondary development project focuses on making breakthrough on the industry key core technology and is priority for conversion of the basic research achievements from specialized institute. Then it introduces and transforms other academics basic research results by purchasing methods and others. The secondary development projects should be geared to the needs of market-oriented mechanism, which is mainly reflecting on the following aspects:

The demand resources are widespread. It will widely collect secondary development projects’ needs through the original channel of specialized institutes, the JITRI technology market, science and technology mayor group and etc.
Secondly, accurate R & D plan. Institute should strengthen the whole plan of the second development through R & D planning and industry investigation. And, also to develop.
Thirdly, flexible project organization. Secondary development managed by project manager explores the forms of project team and project company. Institute should improve the relevant mechanism to ensure the clearance of original technology transfer,
Fourthly, smooth communication channel. The start of secondary development should fully take the communication channel of future results into consideration through industrial ideas solicitation, enterprise participation to ensure the real needed technology and product.

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