July, 2018

Gathering Talents to Create Dream of Future - JITRI Builds an Innovation Platform to Promote Industrial Development!

Between July 10 and 12, the 2018 (17th) China Internet Conference was held at China National Convention Center, Beijing. Under the theme of “Integrating for Development and Co-governance - New Era, New Journey and New Kinetic Energy”, the Conference focused on the positioning of “gathering talents to create dream of future”. JITRI and related professional research institutes participated in the exhibition and grandly presented JITRI’s innovative platform at this China Internet Conference, comprehensively displaying the planform designed to help and gather talents and realize their dreams of research and development!

At the “Belt and Road” Internet Entrepreneur Forum of the 2018 China Internet Conference, Secretary of CPC Committee Hu Yidong delivered a keynote speech, demonstrating JITRI’s exploration and achievements in exchanges and cooperation with the “Belt and Road” countries, technological system innovation, global resource agglomeration, and construction of R&D industry. JITRI is highly compatible with the Forum’s theme of “Cooperation, Innovation and Development”. JITRI is committed to promoting innovation through cooperation, seek development through innovation, and focuses on gathering the world’s most influential top talents such as the most influential strategists, entrepreneurs and innovation pioneers and building the innovative platform for promoting technology research & development and industrialization and realizing the research and development dream of scientific talents!


July, 2018

Gathering Talents to Create Dream of Future - JITRI Creates the “City of Tomorrow” that Realizes the R&D Dream

The grand 3rd Global Virtual Reality Conference (GVRC) was held in Pudong, Shanghai from June 27 to 28, 2018. As an international event for global industry leaders, more than 1,000 industry pioneers and experts from China, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore and other countries and regions gathered together to explore the future with millions of online participants in rich forms such as summit forum, round-table dialogue and project road show.

As one of the most active forces in promoting scientific and technological innovation in the Yangtze River Delta region, JITRI actively hosted this Global Virtual Reality Conference centering on the positioning of “Gathering Talents to Create Dream of Future”. President Liu Qing gave a keynote speech during the Conference and participated in the round-table dialogue, demonstrating JITRI’s exploration and achievements in innovation of science and technology system, global resource agglomeration, construction of research and development industry and assistance to research and development dreams. JITRI is committed to bringing together the world’s top talents such as the most influential strategists, entrepreneurs, and innovation pioneers, and building JITRI’s “City of Tomorrow” that promotes technology research & development and industrialization and realizes the research and development dream of scientific talents.


June, 2018

JITRI reaches collaborative agreement withTWI

JITRI reaches collaborative agreement withTWI. The agreement sees the creation of an advanced materials and manufacturing technologies research centre at TWI which will develop materials and joining technologies for JITRI.

As one of the largest  technology research centres in China, JITRI focuses on bridging the gap between fundamental technology research and the commercialisation of these technologies via market-orientated product development. TWI is one of the world’s foremost independent research and technology organisations, with expertise in materials joining and engineering processes as applied in industry. This arrangement will allow TWI and JITRI to carry out research, develop industrial technologies for JITRI, and also see JITRI staff receive management training at TWI.

18 representatives from JITRI visited TWI's headquarters near Cambridge to unveil the centre, where they were met by senior members of TWI staff, including Chief Executive Christoph Wiesner, Associate Directors Steve Shi and Arnaud Tronche, Commercial Manager Andrew Carey, Group Managers Jon Blackburn and Andrew Woloszyn and other TWI engineers. 

(Quoted from TWI website)


June, 2018

The 3rd US China Innovation and Investment Summit (UCIS) and 2nd InnoSTARS Competition (Houston) Ended Successfully

 On May 15 (local time), the China Innovation and Investment Summit (UCIS) and 2nd InnoSTARS Competition (Houston) ended successfully in Houston. At the Summit, JITRI President Liu Qing announced that JITRI would cooperate with Houston to jointly build the China-US Biomedical Technology Innovation Center and build a platform for cooperation and exchange between China and the United States. The local officials in Houston, the Chinese Consulate General in Houston and various participants highly praised the important role played by JITRI in the Summit and stated that JITRI has effectively promoted the accumulation of advantageous resources in the southern United States and contributed to Jiangsu’s industrial transformation and development.

The China-US Biomedical Innovation Center to be established by JITRI in Houston will serve as an efficient platform for promoting cooperation between Chinese and American enterprises, and will help Chinese enterprises and institutions to cooperate with U.S. enterprises and institutions on the basis of mutual benefit. One the one hand, it will help U.S. scientists set up companies. Many scientists in the United States have innovative technology and scientific research results, but they are not well connected with the industry and the financial sector, so the Innovation Center can move China’s industrial resources and investment forward to the doorstep of the United States, and then help them start companies and enter China after they develop to a certain stage. On the other hand, the Center will allow U.S. innovation enterprises to settle in Jiangsu in a better manner. Many innovative companies in the United States want to enter the Chinese market, but they are faced with many difficulties, so the Center will launch the training camps for US enterprises to settle in China, so that the enterprises can understand China’s policies and their development opportunities in China in the future.


April, 2018

JITRI Appoints Chen Xiangli, Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering, as a Strategic Consultant

On April 18, 2018, Director Liu Qing granted the strategic consultant letter of appointment to Chen Xiangli, Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering, who will assist JITRI in the introduction of industry-leading projects and talents and provide JITRI with technology, business and product strategy recommendations. At the appointment ceremony, Fellow Chen Xiangli said that he was touched by the great ambition of JITRI to make efforts to realize the R&D industry dream as well as the practical working style and high spirits of the working teams at JITRI headquarters, and that he would actively assist JITRI in the introduction of high-end international innovation resources.

In order to actively reach to international high-end talents and introduce top international innovation resources, JITRI has explored the model of engaging world-class experts to serve as JITRI’s strategy consultants, lead the cooperation of global high-level talents and original technologies with JITRI, and provide guidance in JITRI’s long-term planning and development strategy. JITRI has engaged Guo Kezun, former Global Vice President and President in Greater China of AMD, David Wang, Senior Vice President, RTG R&D of US AMD, Penny Low, former Parliament Member of Singapore, and many other experts who have strong influence, resource integration capacity and rich experience in R&D and industrialization in the field of scientific research to serve as strategic consultants to JITRI, and they have recommended a number of projects featured by technical foresight and market prospects for JITRI.

Profile of Chen Xiangli: current Senior Consultant of McKinsey and former Global Vice President of GE and former President of GM China Technology Center. He graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1985 and received a Ph.D. from Illinois State University. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering to become a fellow in 2017. Chen Xiangli has been serving as the President of GE China Technology Center since August 2007, leading a cross-business team engaged in research, new product development and engineering services. The center is one of GE’s five global R&D centers and covers a wide range of industries and technologies, including energy, water, oil and gas, medical, transportation, aviation, lighting and industrial solutions.

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