May, 2019

Prof. Martin Green Visits JITRI to Discuss Collaboration

Professor Martin Green visited JITRI on April 17 and met with President Qing Liu, Secretary Yidong Hu and Vice President Paul Burrows. Prof. Green is Scientia Professor at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and Director of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics, which involves several Australian Universities and research groups. He is a world-leading scientist in photovoltaics, with record-breaking achievements stretching across decades, and is honoured as the “father of solar cells”. He is also a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering, a Federation Fellow, and a Foreign Member of the Royal Society of London. He is the editor-in-chief of the academic journal Progress in Photovoltaics. He has published several books, 500 journal papers, and many patents in the field of Photovoltaics. His group’s contributions to photovoltaics are well known and include holding the record for silicon solar cell efficiency for 30 of the last 35 years, described as one of the “Top Ten” Milestones in the history of solar photovoltaics.During the meeting, Professor Green presented the development history, current status and likely future trends in the photovoltaic industry; he also introduced background information about his laboratory, especially his outstanding graduates and their significant roles in promoting China's photovoltaic industry. Professor Green has long been involved in the development of the photovoltaic industry and technology transfer in China. He was invited to attend the ‘Nobel Prize Winners Beijing Forum’ hosted by the Beijing Municipal People's Government and was awarded the 2007 ‘China Friendship Award’. After the presentation, Professor Green and representatives from Trina Solar and JITRI had an active discussion on the existing challenges of the photovoltaic industry and the potential opportunities in Jiangsu province in the future. Professor Green also visited some specialized institutes of JITRI, including the Institute of Advanced Laser Technology, the Institute of Micro-Nano Automation Technologies, and Jiangsu Advanced Material Technology Innovation Center. Professor Green and his group are very interested in the operating model of JITRI Institutes and their role in technology commercialization. He expressed that, with huge market demand, he is very confident that the photovoltaic industry in Jiangsu will continue to grow, and he is looking forward to conduct in-depth cooperation with JITRI as a project manager.


May, 2019

JITRI Attended WAITRO Training Program in MALAYSIA


To encourage and promote sustainable development among all WAITRO members, SIRIM and WAITRO jointly organized a “Capacity Building Program” from April 29th to May 4th, 2019 in Shah Alam, Malaysia. JITRI, as the home of the China Secretariat of WAITRO, attended this event and successfully enhanced cooperation among the 79 WAITRO members who attended.


During the opening ceremony the Vice President of JITRI and head of the WAITRO China office, Dr. Paul Burrows, was invited to give the opening speech, and introduced the overall situation of WAITRO RTOs and current challenges. He talked about the relationship between JITRI and SIRIM , and appreciated the SIRIM board and members for their long support of WAITRO and for holding such a program in front of more than 100 participators from more 20 country and SIRIM’s board members directors, guests from Malaysian ministry of trade and Malaysian companies.


After the opening ceremony, the guests were invited to register for the various training programs and Workshops (women empowerment program in personal care of products development, senior management program in managing RTOs, capacity building program solar technology for industrial application, capacity building program on IOT technology application for smart farming and, capacity building program workshop for commercialization of research and innovations). The JITRI team registered in 2 programs, Dr. Paul Burrows, Elhamy and Wen Tao in the Senior Management Program, and Ms. Sun Ying in Commercialization of Research and Innovations.


During the ceremony, the WAITRO Secretariat, combining Fraunhofer and JITRI, announced the WAITRO fellowship program aiming to encourage individuals from member organizations to work or conduct research in another country for a maximum of one year to share the ideas and foster collaboration between different members.


In the senior management program, Dr. Burrows gave a lecture entitled “Leadership Mindset Research Technology Organizations”. He reviewed JITRI as a successful and inspired case in the RTO field, described how JITRI become an entity in transferring technology, and how to develop local industries in 5 years. And he shared his practical experiences in USA, China and Japan.


During the Round Table Discussion titled “Managing RTOs in a Global Business Environment”, Dr. Burrows said that we have to understand that we don’t successfully sell technology, but rather we sell solutions.


At the closing ceremony, certificates are issued to participants acquiring new skills and ideas which can serve the industry community to promote the sustainable development.


As Wen Tao, Sun Ying and Elhamy said “we learnt some wise methods to drive RTOs to the market, the solutions of funding, how to overcome the fear, and how to collaborate in the global innovation market.”


November, 2018

Opening a New Chapter of Jiangsu-Singapore Cooperation - Forum of “Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation • Innovation for the Future” Successfully Held in Singapore

In order to deeply explore Singapore’s innovation resources and promote innovative cooperation between Jiangsu and Singapore in the new era, JITRI took the opportunity of the 12th Meeting of the Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council to jointly organize the Forum of “Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation • Innovation for the Future” with the Singapore Social Innovation Park (SIP). Guests including Chen Peiling, Member of the Parliament of Singapore and President of Business China, Wang Qin, Director of the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, Sun Jin, Deputy Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, and representatives of the Chinese Embassies in Finland, Jordan and Jordan attended the event; About 70 persons from Singapore Science and Technology Research Bureau, Singapore National University, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore University of Science and Technology, ICORA Asia Investment Bank, Singapore Exchange Ltd. and other Singapore universities, scientific research, financial, and securities institutions as well as the Dutch Sioux Group, Jiangsu High-Tech Investment Group, Jiangsu Private Investment Group, Nanjing Zhongke Yuchen Laser Technology Co., Ltd., JITRI and other related professional research institutes participated in this forum.

Director Wang Qin of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department delivered a speech on behalf of Jiangsu and made an address entitled “Win-win Cooperation, Open Innovation”. Director Wang Qin introduced the overall situation of Jiangsu’s scientific and technological innovation and the successful cases in international cooperation. He said that Jiangsu will actively join the global innovation network, establish and improve industrial innovation clusters, and enhance the competitiveness of Jiangsu manufacturing in the global market. He stated that JITRI is an important window for Jiangsu to connect with Singapore’s innovative resources, so Jiangsu Science and Technology Department will actively support it in establishing R&D and innovation facilities with universities and research institutions in Singapore, forming long-term and stable cooperative relationships and carrying out innovative cooperation in various forms.

Director Liu Qing of JITRI made a keynote speech themed by “Building a Bridge between Global Innovation Resources and Jiangsu”. He introduced the innovation and development of JITRI centering on creating three major systems, i.e. the industrial technology innovation system, the industrial technology supply system and the research and development industry ecosystem. He said that JITRI has built a bridge linking innovation resources, innovation carriers and technology demand sides. By establishing a strategic partnership with the world’s top universities and R&D institutions such as the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University and gathering global innovation resources, it has promoted a number of key core industry technologies to settle in Jiangsu, and formed a core technology supply urgently required for Jiangsu’s industrial development, so as to cooperate with global innovative talents, local parks and research institutes to jointly create an innovative ecosystem, build an industrial technology supply system, enhance the industrial value chain and product added value, and promote the high-quality development of the economy of both Singapore and Jiangsu.


November, 2018

JITRI Depth Sensing Technology Institute Settles in Wuxi High-tech Zone

On November 13, 2018, the signing ceremony of the JITRI Depth Sensing Technology Institute was held in Wuxi. Liu Qing, Direcean of JITRI, Dr. Yue Yutao, JITRI Project Manager, and Hu Yi, Deputy Head of Wuxi High-tech Zone (Xinwu District) signed a joint construction agreement on behalf of the parties. Huang Qin, Deputy Secretary of Wuxi Municipal CPC Committee andActing Mayor, Wang Jinjian, Wuxi Deputy Mayor, Secretary of Hi-tech Zone CPC Working Committee and Secretary of Xinwu District CPC Committee and Gao Yaguang, Wuxi Deputy Mayor, attended the signing ceremony.

“Depth Sensing” is a process in which intelligent machines collect complete and reliable environmental information and obtain accurate understanding. It is closely related to sensing technology, semiconductor technology, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, etc. At present, the typical applications include smart cars and intelligent robots, etc. Now the development level of the perceived industry is far from meeting the needs of artificial intelligence and intelligent industrial revolution. In the face of the emerging RMB trillion market, JITRI engaged Dr. Yue Yutao, former senior scientist of Shenzhen Guangqi Group, to prepare for the construction of the Depth Sensing Technology Institute under the project manager system at the beginning of the year After nearly one year’s hard work, the Depth Sensing Technology Institute has settled in Wuxi High-tech Zone. This is the 19th specialty institute of JITRI built under the new mechanism of “multi-party construction, diversified investments, mixed ownership and focus on team”, and also the first specialty research institute jointly established by JITRI and Wuxi City according to the new mechanism.


November, 2018

Establishing a Bridge between Universities and Industry, the World and Jiangsu - JITRI Launches the International University Technology Transfer Forum

On November 8, the 6th International Industry-University-Research Cooperation Forum and Multinational Technology Transfer Conference of Jiangsu China was launched in Nanjing. In order to expand and deepen exchanges and cooperation with top international universities, gather international high-quality innovation resources, promote the settlement of technological achievements in Jiangsu, and accelerate the promotion of Jiangsu’s science and technology innovation, JITRI held a special event at this conference, i.e. the International University Technology Transfer Forum. More than 30 well-known university presidents and technology transfer leaders from Harvard University, Georgia Tech, Monash University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Waterloo, City University of Hong Kong, Hussein Technical University, Southeast University and Hainan University, etc. as well as more than 150 persons from Jiangsu technology transfer agencies and company representatives attended the forum.


       In the process of promoting the settlement of scientific and technological achievements of universities in Jiangsu, JITRI explored the innovative cooperation models such as joint research and development fund pool and joint training of doctors. With regard to the methods to further deepen strategic cooperation and introduce university technologies, JITRI shared its own practices and experiences with the heads of universities and research institutions from home and abroad participating in the forum, and in-depth discussions were carried out on the bottlenecks and countermeasures in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of universities.

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