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    R&D Association
    Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Association is built by Jiangsu Industrial Technology
    Research Institute and other organize. It is a professional,local and nonprofit social organ
    -ization which is voluntarily formed by the various types of industrial technology research and
    development and service institutions in Jiangsu province. And it is an independent legal qual
    -ification of social group which is registered by the Jiangsu Civil Affairs Bureau.


Upgrade the traditional industry; Nurture the strategic emerging industry. Strengthen the relation and cooperation among members; Promote the progress of R&D and transfer on common technology.

Join us

(1) Advocate the association charter and join in voluntarily;
(2)Work for industrial technology R&D and its service;
(3)Have stable R&D and service team;
(4)Have stable capital resource.

(1)Application submitted;
(2) Qualification review;
(3)Council approval;
(4)Membership certificate issued.

Contact us

  • Address : No. 699 Xuanwu Avenue, Nanjing, China
  • Telephone : +86-25-83455189
  • Fax : +86-25-83455109
  • Email : rdd@jitri.org
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