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    About JITRI
    The Industrial Technology Research Institute is a new form of research and development (R&D) organization, which has come with the wave of emerging industries and the transition of the economic structure. Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) was established in December 2013 by Jiangsu Provincial Government, which helps large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises utilize the state-of-the-art technology to enhance their competitiveness in Jiangsu.

JITRI is supported and organized by Jiangsu provincial government. It is chartered with the crucial role to promote and support the industrial technology research and commercialization of the advanced technologies that may significantly impact the economic development of Jiangsu Province.

JITRI focuses on bridging the gap between fundamental technology research and their commercialization by taking on industrial technology researches where industries are incapable of, universities are unwilling to, and the government is unable to do. It further focuses on researches that serve the needs stemming from economic structure transformation and the purposes of industrial innovation and market-oriented product development. Until now, JITRI is joined by 23 independent research institutes and 13 industrial technology innovation centers.


To insist one direction

Complete the market orientation mechanism

of industrial technology innovation

To highlight two functions

Service the company innovation

Guide the industry development

To guide three categories of resources

University platform

R&D institute

Top innovative achievements worldwide

To implement four reforms

One institute two systems

Evaluation of contract research

Project manager

Share right incentive

Organizational Structure


Liu Qing

President of JITRI;

Professor;PhD Program Supervisor

Hu Yidong

Vice President of JITRI;

PhD degree;Researcher

Li Shishou

Vice President of JITRI;

PhD degree; Researcher

He Liwen

Vice President of JITRI;

PhD degree;Distinguished Professor

Wu Qiuyun

President Assistant of JITRI;

Senior Economist

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