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    About JITRI
    Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) is a leading government-funded consortium of applied research institutes in China that promotes applied research, commercialization of advanced technologies and international cooperation on R&D in the fields of advanced materials, renewable energy, environmental protection, information technology, advanced manufacturing and bio-medicine.

In 2013, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) was founded as a bold new experiment. It is a test bed for a new system of research management designed to prime the pump of industrial innovation and bridge the canyon that can lie between technological discovery and industrial application.

JITRI's goal is to build a sustainable innovation ecosystem in Jiangsu Province, linking the innovation resource of both domestic and international academic field to the demand drivers of manufacturing industry by building independent research institutes to act as engines of transformational research. These institutes are driven to be responsive to demands from industry, thereby bridging the infamous "valley of funding death" that lies between applied research and commercialization.

By the end of 2019, JITRI had established a total of 52 specialized research institutes in the fields of advanced materials, energy & environmental protection, information technology, advanced manufacturing, and biomedicine, employing around 8000 R&D personnel. One hundred and fourteen world-class technology project managers and 131 JITRI researchers have been hired, and the JITRI network includes a talent pool of over 1000 top experts. Around 4,500 technologies have been developed, and over 10,000 Jiangsu enterprises have been helped by the growing JITRI ecosystem. Over seven hundred new startup companies have already emerged from the JITRI test bed. Indeed, one of the key performance indicators for JITRI Institutes is the income that they generate from commercialized technologies, and the volume of their cooperative work with industry.


To insist one direction

Complete the market orientation mechanism

of industrial technology innovation

To highlight two functions

Service the company innovation

Guide the industry development

To guide three categories of resources

University platform

R&D institute

Top innovative achievements worldwide

To implement four reforms

One institute two systems

Evaluation of contract research

Project manager

Share right incentive

Governance System of JITRI

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