Institute of Smart Liquid Crystal Technologies

Institute of Smart Liquid Crystal Technologies

Director: Dr. Jiuzhi Xue, xuejz@jitri.org

Jiangsu Jitri Smart Liquid Crystal Technology Co., Ltd

Located in the beautiful and historical city of Changshu, the Institute of Smart Liquid Crystal Technologies (ISLCT) was established in April 2016 and is a member institute of JITRI. Well-funded and fully supported by the city government of Changshu and JITRI, ISLCT is an open platform with a fund that is over RMB 100 million for R&D equipment. It engages in industrial and applied liquid crystal technology research and development as well as incubation of high tech companies in primarily non-display related applications. Today, it has attracted some of the most well-known liquid crystal scientists and technologists and is in discussion with over 10 entrepreneurs for joint efforts in commercializing relevant technologies or products in the field.

R&D fields

Smart windows

Chemical and biochemical sensors

Smart and composite liquid crystal materials

Electro-optic and photonic liquid crystal devices

Materials for next generation displays

Dr. Tianshi Yu

No. 128, Huangpujiang Road, Changshu



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