Institute of Industrial Biotechnology

Institute of Industrial Biotechnology

Director: Prof. Hanjie Ying, yinghanjie@njtech.edu.cn

Nanjing Institute of White-Biotech Co. Ltd

The Institute of Industrial Biotechnology became a member institute of JITRI in January 2014. It established an independent legal entity named Nanjing Institute of White-Biotech Co. Ltd in October 2015, which was supported by Nanjing Tech University and Nanjing High-Tech Zone. The Institute now has staff of 113. It also has research equipment of RMB 94 million, including Microbiology breeding machine, High throughput screening platform, fermentator, Microplate reader, GC-MS, LC-MS, HPLC, FPLC, PCR instruments, High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, etc. The Institute provided technical services for more than 60 enterprises. The annual R&D budget is about 50 million RMB.

R&D fields

Microbiology High throughput screening platform

Bio-manufacturing key technology platform

Synthetic biology technology

Biocatalyst immobilization technology

Reaction micro fluidic chip technology

Process Integration and Equipment Technology

Prof. Yong Chen

No. 16, Xinghuo Road, Nanjing High-tech Zone, Nanjing.




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  • Telephone : +86-25-83455189
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  • Email : rdd@jitri.org
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