Institute of Novel Metals and Applied Technologies

Institute of Novel Metals and Applied Technologies

Jiangsu Jitri Novel Metals Research Institute Co., Ltd

The Institute of Novel Metals and Applied Technologies (INMAT) was established under the agreement between Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI), the Changshu Government, project managers and his team in November 2017. It is located in Changshu, a beautiful and historical satellite city of Suzhou. Well-funded and fully supported by the Changshu Government and JITRI, INMAT is an open platform with 24,000 m2 area and over RMB 160 million fund for R&D equipment. It engages in the R&D projects for industry and applied technologies in novel metals, also serves as a business incubator for high tech startups. Currently, it has attracted some global well-known scientists and technologists in the field of metals and their applied technologies, including 33 core members working in various technical teams.

R&D fields

Equipment manufacturing and innovation

Precision casting technique

Light metals and processing technology

Metal powder for target material and 3D printing

Superalloys and key processing technology

Joining, heat treatment and surface treatment of metals

Building 7, 88 Xianshi Road, Changshu

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