Institute of Jiangsu Metallurgical Technology Research

Jiangsu Metallurgical Technology Research Institution

Director: Dr. liu Liu liu2662@126.com

Jiangsu Metallurgical Technology Research Institution is established by Zhangjiagang municipal government, Jiangsu Province Industrial Technology Research Institute, Metallurgical Industrial Estate, Shagang Group and Yonggang Group. The purpose of the establishment is to build a new type of R&D platform which includes technical research, achievement transformation, technical services, third-party testing and personnel training. Research Institution has council, committee of experts and Dean’s management team. It enforces stock-holding system and Dean’s responsibility system supported by council and committee of experts. The Research Institution adheres government guidance, market orientation, enterprise operation and specialized management, attracts and introduces talents for metallurgical industry, actively carry out research projects representing the advanced technology of the industry and overcomes the technology difficulties to make achievement transformation. The institute will realize the high-end R&D resource sharing based on Jiangsu Province and face to the Yangtze River Delta region in the future, and will provide services for metallurgical industry and other upstream and downstream enterprises including new product research and develop.

R&D fields

1, Smelting process for (ultra) pure steel , to achieve efficient low-cost smelting.

2, Control of inclusions in steel, focusing on control of large inclusions.

3, To improve the solidification defects, as far as possible to eliminate center loose, shrinkage and segregation defects.

4, Ultra-fine grain and microstructure control, through the nano-precipitates and multi-phase microstructure control to improve the strength and plasticity of steel.

5, To improve existing combustion technology, control and mitigate air pollution.

6, Heat and waste heat recovery, reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

7, Develop the artificial intelligence, improve all staff production efficiency and build intelligent steel plant.

8, Develop new scrap smelting technology, to achieve maximum energy savings throughout the entire process.

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