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    Resource Gathering
    JITRI focuses on the industry technology development organization goal of
    “influential in the world, in the first row of China”, actively explores,
    steadily progresses, fully promotes innovation resources integration ability
    both at home and abroad. For the core requirements of the specialized institutes,
    strengthens the contact with universities, research and development institutes,
    targets to find talent team and the original technical achievements. In the
    meanwhile,JITRI carries out various forms of international cooperation, introduces
    innovation resources to Jiangsu and cooperates to develop.

International collaboration

World-renowned universities collaboration

We have signed Memorandum of Understanding with Monash University (QS Ranking 67), a member of "Group of Eight" in Australia. Our collaborations primarily focus on the following fields: pharmacology (QS Ranking 21), chemical engineering (QS Ranking 22), and other advantage subjects. We have signed Memorandum of Understanding with City University of Hong Kong (QS Ranking 57). Our collaborations primarily focus on the following fields: engineering technology (QS Ranking 24), computer science, and other advantage subjects. Meanwhile, we work with National University of Singapore and Stanford University to facilitate the original technology results from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and United States to be transfer at JITRI for secondary R&D.

Overseas R&D organizations establishment

With the support of InnoSpring as an incubator, which is based in Silicon Valley in USA, we established JITRI (North America), which serves as a working platform for innovative work and collaboration in North America. It offers support and services for enterprises, talents and projects in North America to JITRI for R&D and commercialization.

Talents recruitment of international strategic scientist

JITRI focuses on important developing industry in Jiangsu province, facing the world first-class universities, research institutions and international top science and technology enterprises, introduces the international strategic scientists. To implement the international strategic scientists comprehensively docking industry technology research and development process of Jiangsu province through appointing the talents as project manager in JITRI, and working in the specialized institutes, employing as a industry transformation development special adviser, organizing regular industry technology international conference.

Achievements gathering of the international original research

Give full play to all kinds of channels of overseas resources agglomeration effect, to collect worldwide original research achievements for the key industries in Jiangsu province and establish global industry technology research information database. Strengthen the contact with the international well-known multinational technology transfer agencies, focus on the professional fields in Jiangsu province which have good industrial foundation and larger demand for enterprises and guide high-level industry technology research and development institutes and leading enterprises in Jiangsu province rapidly integrating into the global technology results exchange market.

The Strategic Partners

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Monash University

City University of Hong Kong

National University of Singapore

Tsinghua University

Peking University

Soochow University

Nanjing University

Southeast University

Tianjin University

Harbin Institute of Technology

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Chongqing University

Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Sichuan University

University of Electronic S&T of China

Nanjing Tech University

Jiangnan University

Jiangsu University

Domestic collaboration

Domestic first-class universities collaboration

Explore to establish long-term strategic cooperative relations with domestic first-class universities and the industry's leading research institutes. JITRI has signed strategic cooperation agreement with Harbin Institute of Technology, Sichuan University, Tianjin University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. And to build the technology transfer center of Jiangsu branch, and implement of specific measures on talent flexible introduction, industrial technology research and development, and Production-Study-Research innovation base, etc.

Recruitment of compound talents of production, study and research

Based on the fields of strategic emerging industries in Jiangsu and domestic top universities and leading technological enterprises, we recruit compound talents of production, study and research. In order to fully exert the promoting effects of the compound talents of industry and research on the transformation and upgrading of the province's industry, we offered multiple ways of services: employ them as project managers, joint declaration of national and provincial key projects and invite them to participate in major activities, etc.

Achievements gathering of domestic basic scientific research

To take full advantage of the platform of domestic innovative achievements and build up the information base of domestic industrial technology. It focuses on the secondary development of original researches with independent intellectual property and broad market prospects in JITRI. To cooperate with Chinese top universities and technical enterprises based on the opportunity of China Jiangsu Production-Study-Research Cooperation Results Exhibition Forum &Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute Technology Transfer Fair which held on October 16-17, 2015.

Contact us

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  • Email : rdd@jitri.org
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